National Soil Information System NABODAT

The National Soil Information System NABODAT is continuously updated with cantonal and national soil data. The already processed and harmonised soil data are available in NABODAT. Access to this application is provided for the clients of the federal government and cantons included in the NABODAT network.

The service centre NABODAT is affiliated with the National Soil Monitoring Network NABO. As mandated by the Federal Office for the Environment FOEN, the service centre is responsible for the smooth operation of the soil information system and supports users in the processing, import and management of data. Moreover, the service centre organises, specifies and tests the advancement of the application in collaboration with the working group NABODAT and the external IT developer.

For the interested public, the website informs about the national soil information system and provides access to the Swiss Soil Dataset and the Swiss Soil Mapping Catalogue. Thematic templates for the compilation of NABODAT-compliant soil data can be downloaded from the website. For members of the NABODAT network, there is an internal domain for professional exchange and discussions.

Figure: Start page of the public information platform of NABODAT.


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