Agroecological strategies for adaptation to climate change


Soils provide a multitude of ecosystem services that can contribute to both climate change adaptation and mitigation. Land management practices significantly affect the ability of soils to provide these services. We aim to determine how specific agroecological (AE) land management practices affect soil ecosystem services.

Knowledge synthesis by literature meta-analysis

By conducting a scientific literature meta-analysis, available knowledge on the effect of AE practices (especially organic farming) on crop yield stability will be synthesised at European level. To determine the effect of these agroecological practices on climate change mitigation, the effect on N2O emissions in particular will be investigated.

Learning from long-term observations

There are many long-term field experiments that test different agroecological practices (reduced tillage, organic matter management, etc.). We will analyse how these practices affect crop yield stability, especially in years with extreme climatic events. We further aim to determine the soil-related drivers of potentially different yield stability in a specific AE system compared to a conventional control.

Testing management options by modelling

Using a numerical model, we determine how specific changes in land management practices may affect crop yield stability under both current and future climate conditions. This will potentially allow us to predict which agroecological practices will show higher crop yield stability in combination with fewer detrimental environmental effects (e.g. nutrient losses, soil organic carbon losses) in the future.

Quantifying the effect of agroecological practices in the field

By developing and testing a framework for an on-farm network to monitor the impact of AE practices on soil-related ecosystem services, we aim to identify not only the possibilities for practitioners to determine these indicators in the field, but also the limitations.


Project partners

  • LUKE
  • BIOS Science Austria
  • CREA
  • CNR
  • ENEA
  • CRAW
  • NPCC