Research Projects


Emission of Micropollutants from Agriculture into Surface Waters

Natural toxins from agriculture such as steroid hormones, mycotoxins and plant toxins are micropollutants in our surface waters. This project clarifies their identity, the extent of their input, and the resulting environmental pollution, thereby helping to minimise the risk such compounds pose for humans and the environment.

Swiss Agri-Environmental Data Network: Assessing the Sustainability of the Swiss Agricultural Sector

How sustainable is the Swiss agricultural sector? How do different regions and farm types differ in terms of sustainability? As part of the Federal Office for Agriculture’s agri-environmental monitoring project, the AEI Competence Centre at Agroscope deals with these issues. For this, 16 agri-environmental indicators in the dimensions of nitrogen, phosphorus, soil, energy, climate, water and biodiversity are calculated, evaluated and published annually.


Understanding the Role of Microorganisms in Agricultural Systems. Or: What their Genes Can Tell Us on this Subject

Microorganisms play a key role in numerous ecosystems, including agriculture. An intact microbial community as well as the diversity of microbial functions and metabolic processes are important for the stability and sustainability of agricultural systems. Molecular biological techniques allow us to describe and quantify microorganisms in genetic terms, as well as to record the complexity of microbial communities and their functions.