The guidelines 'Biodiversity Indicators for European Farming Systems' constitute the main outcome of the BioBio project. They consist of:

  • A printed brochure with background information on the indicators:
  • 23 factsheets on the individual indicators:
  • An extended summary of 20 pages in all 12 project languages:

Project Deliverables

Scientific publications

COMPETING PERCEPTIONS ON BIODIVERSITY AND ITS BENEFITS: THEORETICAL AND METHODOLOGICAL IMPLICATIONS OF A FOCUS GROUP STUDY. 9th International Conference of the ESEE, Istanbul, 2011 (PDF, 196 kB, 02.02.2022)E. Kelemen, K. Balázs, J.P. Choisis, N. Choisis, T. Gomiero, E. Kovács, G. Nguyen, M. Paoletti, L. Podmaniczky, J. Ryschawy, J.P. Sarthou. 2011


International Conference in Engelberg/Lucerne

with Presentations