Policy analysis


Agriculture and food together constitute an important starting point for achieving the long-term climate objectives of the Swiss Confederation by 2050. At the same time, the Swiss Confederation pursues strategic thrusts in order to strengthen the sustainability and supply security of the Swiss food system . Using model analyses and questionnaires, our researchers investigate how the environmental footprint of the agriculture and food sectors can be reduced in order to enhance sustainability. Particular emphasis is placed here on the following research fields:

  • Promotion of sustainable agricultural production:
    For example, our researchers investigate what policy measures can be implemented to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and pesticide risk.

  • Promotion of a sustainable diet
    We investigate what policy measures there are for promoting sustainable consumption, and the extent to which these are accepted by the population. We also analyse which measures can contribute most effectively to sustainable consumption.

  • Reduction of food waste and food loss:
    Our researchers study how food waste and food loss can be reduced in Switzerland along the value chain.