Research Projects SRF 13

Obstbau Ernte

Analysis and Assessment of the Profitability of Fruit and Vegetable Production

Fruit- and vegetable production is subject to high disease- and pest pressure, and is heavily dependent upon weather conditions. To achieve regular high yields, greater investment and far-reaching management decisions are essential. With monitoring systems, tools, assessments and analyses, Agroscope promotes profitable production that is competitive at an international level.


Farm Accountancy Data Network

Every year, the Farm Accountancy Data Network publishes the agricultural income and income per family work unit as well as the farm-group and farm-enterprise results of around 4000 farms from two samples. Statistical methods are used to analyse the multi-year profitability and productivity trends as well as the risk exposure of these farms.


Profitability Analysis

To improve the competitiveness of the Swiss agricultural sector, Agroscope studies how farms can boost their profitability. Which farm strategies promise success, and how can farms operate sustainably over the medium- and long term by implementing innovations? In view of the changing underlying conditions, these are the two key questions we endeavour to answer.