Work Programme 2018-2021

Agroscope – Research for Good Food and a Healthy Environment

The Swiss agriculture and food sector is faced with major challenges of increasing complexity which trigger conflicts between various trade-offs: greater competitiveness and value-added in the market, more-sustainable handling of resources for the protection of people, the environment, animals and plants, and the use of opportunities and minimisation of risks.

In order for the Swiss agriculture and food sector to make a long-term contribution to food security, it must get the most from existing natural resources by means of cost-effective, environmentally friendly production that is in line with market requirements. To achieve this, we focus in particular on new plant varieties, optimised smart cultivation and animal-husbandry systems, new plant-protection strategies, or safe foods with a long shelf-life.

As a basis for the 2018-2021 Work Programme, Agroscope has outlined 17 strategic research fields (SRFs) focusing on the challenges of the agriculture and food sector. These research areas provide the framework for our research and development activities over the next few years.

Strategic Research Fields (SRF)

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