Information Technology Solution

SWISSland consists of various software components that communicate with one other via interfaces.


1. MySQL Database

  • Accountancy data
  • Simulation-control data for flow control and data-transfer control
  • Group configuration data for forming population clusters and SWISSland communities
  • Input and output data for illustrating behaviour algorithms in the decision-making process for each individual agent

2. Java Platform

  • Modelling of database interfaces and program control
  • Modelling and control of agent decision models
  • Modelling of agent interactions
  • Modelling of extrapolation to the entire sector
  • Sequencing of model flow and interface function between the model components

3. GAMS Optimisation Models

  • Input-and output-data processing tool
  • Optimisation of agent production and investment decisions
  • Calibration of the model

The information technology solution was implemented in collaboration with BMPI, Zurich