Supplementary studies


The spatial resolution of the NABO reference network is not sufficient for swiss-area-related statements. In order to answer specific questions, supplementary investigations, in cooperation with national and international project partners, are carried out.

In the context of the pan-European Land Use / Land Cover Area Frame Survey (LUCAS), soil samples were also taken in Switzerland in 2015. Furthermore, in cooperation with the Swiss Biodiversity Monitoring (BDM), a grid sampling could be carried out. With these samples, a nationwide soil survey is available for the first time, which is based on uniform sampling and analysis.

Supplementary studies also include projects that are tested for feasibility with a view to later include in the long-term monitoring programme, such as the development of a monitoring system for plant protection residues in soil. This project is part of the Action Plan for Risk Reduction and Sustainable Use of Plant Protection Products (AP PSM).



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Last modification 02.06.2021

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