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Wanted: Alternative Protein Sources for Humans

Alternative plant-protein sources are on trend. In the ‘HumanProt Sources’ research project, our researchers test a key quality criterion of these proteins – their digestibility – in the laboratory. In addition, they compare the quality of Swiss plant and animal protein sources.

Third-Party Funded Project

Digestibility of Insect Proteins

Digestibility of Insect Proteins

As part of the HumanProtSources research project, Agroscope is developing a new method to evaluate the quality of proteins by measuring protein digestibility. With the support of Swiss Food Research, a first joint project between Agroscope and the Insekterei GmbH has been funded to evaluate protein digestibility of edible insects by using the novel in vitro method.

Previous Projects Work Programme 2014-2017

Project Functional Nutritional Biology

Functional Nutritional Biology

Arising from a natural microbiological process, fermented foods have been consumed by humans for over 6000 years. Although the original aim of fermentation was to prolong the shelf life of foods, the addition of new organoleptic properties very quickly contributed to the explosion in the range of fermented foods. A health-related dimension now supplements their potential.

Other Projects in the Subject Area

Pflanzliche Lebensmittel Frontseite

Quality and Nutritional Aspects of Plant Based Foods

The path travelled by fruits and vegetables from field to table is optimised with the aim of keeping quality as high as possible along the entire value chain. Health and gastronomy go hand-in-hand thanks to practical research.