Safe Foods without Antibiotic Resistance

Antibiotics are increasingly losing their medicinal effect. This is due to an increase in antibiotic-resistant bacteria occurring in humans and animals as well as on foods. Agroscope is investigating this issue in national and international research partnerships, and looking e.g. at how antibiotic resistance can be transferred to lettuce plants (here, the irrigation water has been identified as a source of contamination). The findings and avoidance measures based on them are summarised in a fact sheet.

Infogest Meetin

Human Digestion in the Test Tube - Infogest Technical Meeting in Liebefeld

For three days, Agroscope’s Liebefeld site was the meeting point for leading international scientists working on the development of in vitro methods for simulating human digestion.


Flexible and Equipped for the Future

To produce high-quality foodstuffs resource-efficiently whilst remaining competitive: this is the current challenge facing the agriculture and food sector. In its new 2018-2021 Work Programme, Agroscope gets to grips with this complex set of conflicting priorities in 17 Strategic Research Fields and 117 projects which aim to develop concrete solutions for practitioners. If changes such as new pests or diseases should occur in the environment, Agroscope needs to be able to respond to these quickly and flexibly.