Digitised Bees: Ambassadors for Bee Protection

The non-lethal effects of PPPs can be assessed on the basis of the bees’ homing ability.


Looking Back and Ahead

Our vision must be directed ahead, which is where Agroscope has it focused for the next few years with its new 2018-21 Work Programme.

Science in Brief

Is Redymo an e-bike, and AgriPerform an agricultural competition? Find out in the synopsis of Agroscope highlights.



Cows in the Digital Era

The system allows farmers to keep track of their animals’ welfare, even if they are not always with them.


Viticulture: Towards Zero Treatment

The marketing of the first grape varieties that allow farmers to dispense totally with fungal treatments is expected in eight to ten years’ time.

Agroscope_GabrielaBraendle_Smart Farming_Blackenroboter_20180131_DSC_6748_2

Automated Control of Broad-Leaved Dock

The aim of the European Project ‘DockWeeder’ is to develop an autonomous dock-destroying robot that targets broad-leaved dock with hot water.