Rice Farming Is Taking Off in Switzerland

Reisanbau in der Schweiz nimmt Fahrt auf
Image: lid.ch

Agroscope’s idea of growing wet rice in flooded fields is becoming economically attractive. In addition to successful brands such as ‘Aare Riis’, natural paradises for rare wading birds, dragonflies and frogs are being created on drained land in need of rehabilitation.

What began as a pilot trial in 2017 in the Grenchen Witi wetlands is now developing into an attractive niche crop with economic potential.

The Swiss agricultural information service LID spoke with the Guillod family. You’ll find more about rice production in Seeland near Mont Vully and in Kappelen here.


Further Information (only in german)


Ökologischer Nassreis-Anbau

Dank Reisanbau auf zeitweise überfluteten Flächen ist eine standortgerechte Produktion möglich. Zugleich werden seltene Tier- und Pflanzenarten gefördert.


Last modification 26.06.2024

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