Exploring the World of Raw-Milk Products


What experience do artisan farms and businesses have in the manufacture of raw-milk products? In association with the Centre of Excellence for Raw-Milk Products, Agroscope researcher Hans-Peter Bachmann visits farms all over Switzerland, summarising his findings in travel reports.

Manufacturers of raw-milk products have ample experience in ensuring the food safety and palatability of their products. Hans-Peter Bachmann looks over their shoulders as they go about their daily work and summarises his visits in travel reports. The aim is to gather together and scientifically categorise the longstanding knowledge and skills involved in artisan production.


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Raw-Milk Products: A Voyage of Discovery

Making raw-milk products involves much more than simply not heating the milk. Raw milk contains a highly diverse microbiome. In order to ensure food safety and enjoyment, holistic production systems that encompass the entire value chain from pasture to plate are essential.

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