Agroscope Rice Project Receives National Science Foundation Support


The Agroscope Rice Project is supported by the SNSF. Project Head Yvonne Fabian will be providing an insight into her research at a Treffpunkt Science City talk on 20 March 2022. 

Wet rice cultivation in Switzerland offers the possibility of reconciling food production with species protection. Agroscope is exploring opportunities and options for agricultural practice. The project is subsidised by the Swiss National Science Foundation SNSF, which contributes CHF 943,741 in funding and covers 47% of the expenses. The remainder is funded by cantonal offices, the Ernst-Göhner Foundation and equity capital from Agroscope, HAFL and the Wet Rice Syndicate. There is also close cooperation between researchers and agricultural practitioners.

Interest in the project has led to an invitation to the ETH Zurich’s Treffpunkt Science City being issued to Project Head Yvonne Fabian. Her lecture will take place on Sunday 20 March 2022 from 12-12.45 pm at Treffpunkt Science City on the ETH Hönggerberg Campus. The lecture will be delivered in German.

The lecture will answer the following questions about the project: Since when, and where, has rice been cultivated in northern Switzerland? Which regions and soils are suitable for rice cultivation? How are crops irrigated? Is climate change the reason that rice can be grown in Switzerland? Does wet rice cultivation support biodiversity? Is this Swiss rice already for sale on the market?

Last modification 16.02.2022

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