P01: Potential of Brassicacea cover crop and biofumigation to reduce Verticillium dahliae germination and Sunflower Verticillium Wilt
Ait Kaci Ahmed N., Dessere D., Desplanques J., Galaup B., Dechamp-Guillaume G., Seassau C.


P02: Examining biofumigant crops for the management of Pea foot rot complex pathogens
King L.M., Bending G.D., Herold L. Clarkson J.P.


P03: Biofumigation experiences in Argentina
Mitidieri M.S., Peralta R., Barbieri M., Brambilla V., Piris E., Sasía F., Obregón V., Vásquez P.A., Iriarte L., Reybet G., Barón C., Cuellas M., Garbi, M., Martínez S., Amoia P., Delmazzo P., Sordo M., Adlercreutz E. and Puerta A.



Sulphate catch cropping performances of rapeseed and mustard species
Enouf J., Avice J.-C., Michel V., Le Dily F.

Soil microbiome characteristics associated with long-term potato cropping system management practices
Larkin R.P.

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