Programme and Book of Abstracts


Nineteen out of the 23 presentations are now available as videos on the Agroscope’s Youtube channel!

All the videos are listed in a playlist dedicated to the Symposium, the link is 

The videos are displayed in the chronological order of the symposium. The title, authors and specific link of each presentation can be found in the short program below.

If you are looking for more information, have a look at the book of abstracts. It is now also available as a pdf-file!

This second and final version of the Book of abstracts contains the answers of the authors to the questions asked during the symposium! A big “Thank you!” to the authors for their very detailed answers, which include also references, links to websites, and figures.

You will find the question and answer part for each contribution directly after the abstract. There, you will also find the link to the presentation as a video on the Agroscope Youtube channel (for 19 out of the 23 oral presentations).