Progetto DAMASYS – il bando di concorso è pubblicato su


Agroscope sta cercando un sistema di gestione dei dati per gli esperimenti sulle piante nella ricerca agronomica. I committenti sono invitati a presentare un’offerta entro il 26 febbraio 2021.

The DAMASYS project connects the Agroscope research teams which have a common focus on agricultural crop research for the joint procurement of a new software system supporting research into plant breeding, variety testing and ecology, including downstream and support processes. Across these topics, research is conducted on a wide variety of crops: fruit and vine crops, arable crops, forage crops and aromatic plants.

The tenderer will deliver a software product, as well as providing basic services during the project period and optional services over the life cycle of the product.

The call for tenders is published on under the project ID 213376. You will find more information on simap, where you can register free of charge as a bidder in order to participate. This is an official call for tenders according to public WTO rules; please do not contact Agroscope.