Experimental Stations

Adopted by the Swiss Federal Council in May 2020, Agroscope’s new site strategy provides for the creation of peripheral research stations to strengthen research and practical relevance. The aim of the experimental stations is to answer applied- research questions in their respective geographic contexts, in close cooperation with the agricultural sector and with partners in education and training as well as extension.

Versuchsstation Gemuesebau

For Sustainable Vegetables: ‘Vegetable Production’ Experimental Station in the Bernese Ins

Another important step has been taken in implementing Agroscope’s new site strategy: the ‘Vegetable Production’ Experimental Station, which will focus on key issues regarding sustainable vegetable production, is being launched in Ins, in the Bernese Seeland.

Foto Leytron Personen E. Reinhard

Viticulture and Oenology in Leytron, Canton of Valais

The new Experimental Station for Viticulture and Oenology in Leytron is being built in close collaboration with the canton of Valais, the Valais viticulture sector and AGRIDEA. The synergy effects between the partners create value-added for the entire Swiss viticulture industry.

Berglandwirtschaft Kuh Berge

A New Experimental Station for Alpine and Mountain Farming

More research for the Swiss Alpine region: Together with various partners, Agroscope is launching the new ‘Alpine and Mountain Farming’ Experimental Station. The station will develop solutions for current and future challenges increasingly faced by farms in the mountain region. The cantons of Bern, Grisons, Ticino, Uri and Valais are also involved, as are the industry and extension.

Smarte Technologien

Smart Technologies in Agriculture: Experimental Station Launched

Digital approaches for widely varying challenges: The new ‘Smart Technologies’ Experimental Station is being set up by Agroscope together with the cantons of Thurgau and Schaffhausen and AGRIDEA. The station will be tasked with the targeted expansion of digitalisation opportunities in agriculture for use in practice. An advisory board consisting of the farmers’ associations of both cantons and the Swiss Future Farm will support this undertaking and work strategically alongside the research station.

Kompetenzzentrum Rohmilchprodukte Käsekeller

New Competence Centre for Raw-Milk Products

Agroscope and the canton of Fribourg are together founding the National Competence Centre for Raw-Milk Products in close collaboration with the milk and cheese sector. Joint research projects will lead to new synergies, increase the value-added of raw-milk products, and ensure that no increased risks are associated with the consumption of said products.