Biofilms in the Dairy Industry

Forschungsprogramm REDYMO Biofilm
Bilder: Fluxionbio; Zeiss; Agroscope, Jörg Hummerjohann

The aim of these studies is to understand the role of biofilms in the dynamics of persistent and antibiotic-resistant bacteria in milk production and milk processing.

To this end, the biofilm formation potential of pathogens isolated from milk or raw-milk cheese is determined. In addition, biofilm-forming bacterial communities are characterised ‘on the spot' in milking installations and in production areas of cheese dairies.

The aim is to investigate the importance of biofilms in the transfer and spread of antibiotic resistance genes, and the extent to which pathogenicity factors (e.g. bacterial toxins) play a role in bacterial populations from the dairy sector. Recommendations for food safety are derived from this research.