REDYMO – Research Programme on the Reduction of Resistant Microorganisms in the Food Chain

Forschungsprogramm REDYMO Titelbild

Antibiotics used in human medicine are rapidly losing their effectiveness owing to an increase in resistant bacteria.

The food production chain is presumed to play a key role here, both as a reservoir for and in the formation of these resistances.

With the help of basic research and practical solutions, REDYMO - the Agroscope research programme on the ‘Reduction and Dynamics of antibiotic-resistant and persistent Microorganisms along food chains' - will provide answers.

In selected areas of food production, antibiotic-resistant bacteria and resistant biofilms are being studied with three main aims:


  • To identify possible risks for humans and animals
  • To develop preventive measures
  • To search for solutions to reduce contamination and the spread of infection.