Antibiotic Resistance and Persistence on Plant Surfaces

Forschungsprogramm REDYMO Antibiotikaresistenz
Photos: Agroscope, David Drissner und Mitja N.P. Remus-Emsermann

The aim of this project is to better understand the occurrence and transfer of antibiotic resistance (ABR) in the plant food chain. The focus is on the one hand on identifying and characterising bacterial isolates and communities, and on the other on determining the frequency with which ABRs occur in pathogenic (i.e. disease-causing) and non-pathogenic bacteria in fresh produce and its production environment. In addition, the transfer of ABR between bacteria on a molecular and cellular level as well as the mechanisms underlying persistence in biofilms are investigated. Research results are to serve as a basis for developing strategies for preventing the spread of ABRs in the food chain. This happens in close cooperation with practitioners and associations.