ANET-GB: Bioinformatics Platform

The ‘Genomics and Bioinformatics' work package involves the setting up of an Agroscope-wide expert network and the corresponding infrastructure. The aim is to make available to Agroscope projects the necessary infrastructure for data processing, as well as to allow optimal support of planning, execution and data analysis within the framework of collaborative projects.

To this end, ANET-GB is building new core competencies in the analysis of next-generation sequencing data (NGS data), mainly of genome-, metagenome- and transcriptome-sequencing data (see figure). In this first phase, the emphasis is placed on the objectives of the ‘Microbial Biodiversity' ARP, and hence on the realm of microorganisms.

Access to software solutions for the analysis of NGS data (e.g. CLCBio, Geneious) will be effected via centrally available servers (Molecular Diagnostics, Genomics and Bioinformatics Group).

The collected data are to be integrated with other types of data in future, in order to obtain more-comprehensive insights. In addition, we plan to develop novel approaches for data analysis and integration (third-party funding).

Mikrobielle Biodiversitaet ANET Grafik