Product Chemistry: Identity, Properties, Impurities, Analysis Methods


A plant protection product (PPP formulation) consists of one or more active substances, possibly a synergist or a safener, and co-formulants. The co-formulants are what lend the product the properties enabling the active substance to be spread evenly on the field or crop. The requirements for the physico-chemical properties of a product are stipulated in international and European directives. The PPP products must be suitable for use and sufficiently stable during storage. The composition of the product (trade secret), which may not contain any prohibited co-formulants, must be submitted by the company. This information is treated in confidence by the Authority. The identity, physical and chemical properties and impurities from the synthesis of active substances are. The analysis methods, which must be suitable for determining the various analytes, are also evaluated. Each PPP formulation is examined to determine whether the quality requirements are met.