The website provides information and decision-making aids in the field of plant protection. The online tool is based on a network of more than 180 weather stations and an observation network for diseases, pests and plant development. Agrometeo also includes a tool for calculating the dosage of plant protection products, as well as links to publications and additional information on plant protection.

Ascospore flight

Apple scab is a widespread plant disease caused by the ascomycete fungus Venturia inaequalis. Based on the ascospore flight and model calculations, it is possible to take measures to control apple scab. The main aim is to prevent initial ascospore infections in order to reduce the use of plant-protection products and preserve the environment.

Flight trajectories in fruit crops

The flight paths of the main pests in Swiss fruit growing and viticulture can be seen in Insect Monitoring. This tool allows us to represent the activity of a given pest in time and space. The flight path provides figures on changes in a pest’s population, information which is essential for integrated plant protection. 


Trees’ stages of development depend on climatic conditions. The different stages indicate the best time for certain cultivation practices (e.g. thinning of fruits) or periods when trees are particularly susceptible to diseases or pests. In addition, comparisons can be made between different regions and years.





Agrometeo is a platform that summarises information and decision-support tools for the optimised application of plant protection measures in agriculture.


Agrometeo testimonials


Agrometeo testimonials