Project Organisation

At the beginning of 2020, the Federal Office for Agriculture (FOAG) called for the launch of projects for breeding high-quality, high-ecological-value crops, as well as projects for testing varieties in growing trials under the conditions found in different regions of Switzerland (‘Hausammann’ Motion 18.3144).

The project proposed by the Swiss Fruit Growers’ Association (SOV) was approved on 29 April 2020, and runs until 13 August 2024 (for 4 years).

Project Management

The Swiss Fruit Growers’ Association (SOV) is in charge of project coordination and the secretariat. It is responsible for finances, contracts and timely reporting to the FOAG. The SOV is the interface and coordinator for all project partners, and ensures networking with the entire fruit value chain.

Agroscope is responsible for scientific project management. 

The project is supported by the Accompanying Group, which consists of a representative from each of the involved bodies and partners (see below). The Accompanying Group meets annually in order to assess project progress, further exchange, and plan the further course of the project.


RESO is funded through the financial support of the FOAG and project partners' own contributions. The FOAG shoulders around two-thirds of the costs.

Accompanying Group 

Swiss Fruit Growers’ Association (SOV): Project coordination and knowledge transfer
Agroscope: Scientific project management
Federal Office for Agriculture FOAG
Tobi Seeobst
Cantonal Office of St. Gallen


Bio Suisse
Cantonal Agency for Fruits and Berries, Zurich
Union Fruitière Lémanique UFL
Variety Networks
Expert Commission For Fruit Variety Testing


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