Alternative Protein Sources for Animal Feed

Megateaser Afo Mai 2019

Protein and its building blocks – nitrogen-containing amino acids – are essential nutrients both in the human diet and in livestock feed. To produce foods of animal origin such as milk, meat or eggs, plant or animal proteins – depending on the animal species – are fed during the production process. Both in Switzerland and in the EU, the high dependency on imported protein sources is leading to a critical assessment of animal production in the global context. Balancing the competing demands of “food – feed – water – fuel – farmland – climate change” harbours a major potential for conflict. The sector and policymakers have responded to the issue by campaigning e.g. through the Soy Network Switzerland for imports of responsibly cultivated soybean and for increased imports from Europe. Agroscope supports the development of a Swiss protein strategy. ‘Alternative Protein Sources for Animal Feed’ – a series of articles in the journal Agricultural Research Switzerland – presents various alternatives to common protein sources such as soya or fish meal. These can be manufactured in Switzerland and thus use fewer natural resources, can be produced in a climate-friendly manner, and help reduce import dependency. Agroscope is also investigating the possibility of using domestically produced micro-algae as a feed additive.



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