Consultation and Service for Federal Offices, Cantonal Agencies, Universities and Private Clients

The National Soil Monitoring Network offers consultation services for a diverse clientele with various needs. These services include developing recommendations for cantonal law enforcement agencies, addressing specific soil-related questions of federal offices and offering technical advice to private clients.

The core task of the National Soil Monitoring Network NABO is the long-term monitoring of soil by means of the national reference network. In addition, the NABO can offer complementary services and conduct studies that investigate specific questions and may involve collaboration with partner organisations.




VBBo Proficiency Testing: Contribution to Ensuring Data Quality

To ensure a nationwide comparability of soil analyses, as stipulated in the national Ordinance on the Pollution of Soil VBBo, the National Soil Monitoring Network NABO regularly performs proficiency testing s. These evaluations are commissioned by the federal government and conducted for interested laboratories to ensure indispensable data quality. The VBBo proficiency testing is done in cooperation with the «Wageningen Evaluating Programmes for Analytical Laboratories WEPAL». Results are published in a public laboratory list.


Link between the NABO and the Swiss Biodiversity Monitoring BDM

The National Soil Monitoring Network NABO and the Swiss Biodiversity Monitoring BDM jointly compile plant physiological records and soil information. This nationwide collaborative project fills a large gap, providing a heretofore missing soil assessment that is representative of the areas covered by vegetation in Switzerland.


Participation in the EU Project «LUCAS-Soil»

In 2015, the international year of soils , Switzerland participated in the EU project «Land Use/Cover Area Frame Statistical Survey» and provided soil samples for a pan-European assessment. The National Soil Monitoring Network NABO organised and coordinated this sampling campaign on behalf of the Federal Office for the Environment.