Energy Demand and Energy Efficiency

Schematic representation of the production system for calculating the agri-environmental indicators «energy demand» and «energy efficiency»

The agri-environmental indicator ‘energy demand’ describes the demand for energy resources used to run a farm. Non-renewable energy resources, i.e. petroleum, natural gas, uranium, hard coal and lignite, account for the lion’s share.

The agri-environmental indicator ‘energy efficiency’ is calculated from the indicator ‘energy demand’ by dividing the energy demand by the digestible energy (for humans) produced by the farm.


Further Information


Life Cycle Assessment Method SALCA

Agroscope’s life cycle assessment method, SALCA (Swiss Agricultural Life Cycle Assessment), offers an LCA method adapted to agricultural conditions. SALCA serves to calculate direct field and farm emissions, and also offers a range of impact assessment models that are appropriate for agricultural processes.