What’s the Status of Biodiversity in the Agricultural Landscape?


The Swiss federal government currently spends almost CHF 400 million a year to slow down the decline in biodiversity in the agricultural landscape. Nevertheless, it is often claimed that these measures are not beneficial enough. Launched in 2015, the ALL-EMA programme systematically records agricultural habitats and species, and calculates indicators for present-day diversity (for habitats and plant species, and also – thanks to the synergy with Biodiversity Monitoring Switzerland –  for butterflies and nesting bird species).

With this data, the contribution of the government-subsidised Ecological Focus Areas can be assessed. The change in diversity will be measured through a repetition of the surveys five years later. Together with findings from other projects on genetic diversity, alternative plant-protection measures and pollination, this will allow regular reconsideration of the concept for biodiversity payments.

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The Monitoring of Biodiversity in the Agricultural Landscape

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