Status and development of biodiversity in agriculture


The diversity of habitats, species, crop varieties and livestock breeds forms the basis of agricultural production. Agrosope is developing indicators to record this diversity and conducts the national monitoring ALL-EMA on farmland species and habitats. 

The word biodiversity signifies the diversity of life. This diversity cannot be recorded or measured as a whole – for example there are over 1.5 million plant and animal species throughout the world.

Biodiversity indicators must:

  • meet scientific criteria;
  • demonstrate a benefit for users;
  • be possible to collect at reasonable cost.

Indicators record genotype diversity (e.g. varieties of crops, livestock breeds), the diversity of wild species (e.g. vascular plants, arthropod groups) and habitat diversity.

Agrosope is designing indicator sets and working on ready-to-implement monitoring systems at farm and countryside level. The indicators are tested in extensive field campaigns. Models allow the indirect estimation of species diversity using a life cycle assessment approach.

Our clients are the Federal Ministries of Agriculture and the Environment (agri-environmental indicators) as well as the EU.

Project Information

Project Title:
Indicators for Monitoring and Evaluating Biodiversity in Agriculture