Developing Apricot and Pear Varieties

Developing Apricot and Pear Varieties

The aim of the project is to create new, more efficient apricot and pear varieties that are adapted to biotic and abiotic stress, are of high quality, and which respond well to the needs of ecological intensification and to market requirements, as well as to the challenges posed by climate change. This is to be achieved by both conventional and molecular selection methods. The advent of more precise phenotyping will allow the development of marker-assisted selection, particularly for disease resistance. Genetic-resource characterisation will enable us to generate data used in new genomic approaches. These methods will help improve the efficiency of apricot and pear breeding. VariCom is responsible for the marketing of Agroscope varieties.


Pear variety: FRED®

The new pear from Agroscope’s breeding programme is called FRED®.

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