Fruit Breeding (Apple and Apricot)

Pflanzenzüchtung Obst Apfel

The aim of Agroscope's fruit-breeding programme is to obtain varieties with outstanding  fruit and tree quality. We develop varieties that can be cultivated easily and in an environmentally sound manner. This high-quality produce is intended to meet the needs of consumers, producers and the market.  New varieties with long-term and maximum resistance to disease are developed. With apples, resistance is needed against the fungal diseases scab and mildew, and the dangerous bacterial disease fire blight. The selection of promising seedlings takes place in the greenhouse (scab and fire blight resistance) and in the field (mildew resistance, fruit quality). We also use molecular markers to determine the presence or absence of resistance genes. This technique is particularly valuable for verifying crossed combined resistance to a disease based on several genes.

Project Information

Project Title:
Breeding High-Quality, Disease-Resistant Fruit Varieties; Description and Use of Genetic Resources in Fruit Production