Animal-Housing Emissions

Projekt Emissionen und Immissionen aus Tierhaltungsanlagen Traktor

Ammonia, diesel soot, odour and other emissions are by-products of agricultural production. Often, these emissions are closely associated with the use of energy. New solutions for reducing emissions and using energy more efficiently are needed.

Project Information

Project Title:
Emissions and Odour Impact from Animal Housing Systems


Ammonia Reduction in Cattle Husbandry

In order to meet Agriculture-Related Environmental Objectives (AEO), total emissions of ammonia (NH3) in Switzerland must be reduced by around 40%. Both structural-procedural and organisational methods are necessary for reducing NH3 emissions from cattle-housing systems.


Odour Research as a Basis for Determining Distances from Animal Housing Systems

In order to avoid odour complaints and ensure investment security, an up-to-date understanding of the fundamentals of odour in animal housing systems is essential. These fundamentals encompass odour concentration from single sources, odour dispersion and site configuration, as well as the impact-side odour perception of whole systems.