Improving the Quality of Swiss Wine and Oenological Techniques


The wine industry must constantly react to the challenge of producing high-quality wines with high added value - the only option for Swiss viticulture in a liberalised market.  The development of new grape varieties that are resistant to fungal diseases must enable us to create unique wines living up to international standards. We research the ripening parameters for the best tannic expression as a function of the varieties.

Enhancing and corrective vinification techniques, particularly within the context of a changing climate, are tested in order to maintain and perfect the quality of the wines. Allergen-free oenological products, new types of packaging, and eco-friendly management methods are tested to allow us to respond to new health, sustainability and regulatory requirements.


Project Information

Project Title:
Production of High-Quality Swiss Wine in keeping with Economic and Legal Requirements



In order to justify its price tag, Swiss wine must stand out for its excellent gustative quality.



The excellent quality of a wine only stimulates sales if this message of excellence reaches the consumer.



On the one hand, the Swiss winemaking sector faces a market in competition with the rest of the world, and regulations strongly influenced by Europe.