Breeding of Wheat and Soybean Cultivars, Genetic Resources

Ackerpflanzenzüchtung Weizen Genressourcen

The goals of Agroscope's breeding programs are to provide high-performance varieties that make it possible to promote respect for the environment and product quality. Considerable weight is thus given to improving genetic resistance to fungal diseases with the aim of combining resistances to the seven main diseases present in Switzerland. The Cereal Pathology Laboratory supports the breeding efforts through virulence monitoring, research into fusariosis (genetic mechanisms, diagnostics) and by creating genitors designed for the breeding programs. The breeding material is systematically tested in the field with artificial infections. For criteria whose phenotype is difficult, costly or impossible to evaluate, molecular or biochemical marker technology is applied as support for the wheat and soy breeding programmes.

For wheat, emphasis is also given to the higher baking quality classes (Top and I), enabling our varieties to be widely appreciated by the transforming industry.

The protein content of triticale, the climatic adaptation of soybean to our marginal climatic conditions, as well as its aptitude for transformation into food (Tofu, "milk") are other factors taken into account in our programs.

These goals of resistance and quality ensure that Agroscope's achievements are valued in both organic and conventional production, in Switzerland and in international markets.

Conservation, evaluation and management of genetic resources of both agricultural and vegetable crops.

  • Ensuring the long-term conservation of plant genetic resources.
  • Regenerating all the maize varieties.
  • Continuing the regeneration and long-term conservation of other cereals and vegetable crops.
  • Creating a database of all the phytogenetic resources of cereals and vegetable crops.
  • Implementing the Rio Convention on Biological Diversity and the national plan of action for the conservation and sustainable use of plant genetic resources for food and agrictulture.

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Breeding of Wheat and Soybean Cultivars, Genetic Resources