Flower Strips for Promoting Pollination

Bild_4_Blühstreifen für Bestäuber
Flower strips for pollinators are created for the targeted improvement of the basic food resource of bees and other pollinators.

A new type of biodiversity-promotion area – ‘flower strips for pollinators and other beneficials’ – was introduced in 2015 for the targeted support of pollinators and the natural enemies of crop pests. The sowing of tailor-made seed mixtures containing a wide range of wild and cultivated flowering plants is chiefly intended to improve the food supply for honey bees, wild bees, and other pollinators in agricultural landscapes shaped by arable farming. Flower strips for pollinators are one of the measures adopted by the Swiss Federal Council as part of the National Plan for Bee Health. Agroscope supports a project headed by the HAFL in partnership with the University of Bern, which deals with the agronomic and environmental optimisation of these seed mixtures.

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