Integrated project 'Together against fire blight'

Agroscope, OFEAG and the sector jointly coordinate the project ("multi-actor approach"). With a long sought goal of a management strategy of fire blight without antibiotics, it aims to develop practical knowledge for direct and indirect solutions and to support their implementations.

Study and develop further, collaboratively with all stakeholders, direct and indirect methods for a successful fire blight management. 

Current research projects "Together against fire blight"


Studying Fruit Diseases and Pathogens and Developing Sustainable Control Measures

In the ‘Fruit Diseases and Pathogens’ project, alternative plant protection strategies are developed to control the fire-blight pathogen and bacterial canker. This involves the testing and optimal application of lower-risk plant protection products and the researching of microbial antagonists. In addition, modern sequencing technology helps us to determine the diversity of, and accurately identify, quarantine pathogens.

Pflanzenzuechtung Obst Apfel Bluete

Apple Breeding and Fruit Genetic Resources

The aim of apple breeding is high-quality, high-yielding and disease-resistant apple varieties that are in line with market requirements. Breeding researchers use the latest selection methods, and are nationally and internationally networked. Increasingly useful impetuses for breeding work come from the description of fruit genetic resources. Varieties are developed for the Swiss and international market, as well as for specific needs, such as the organic fruit-production sector. In addition, new varieties with appropriate tree and fruit traits are tested for use as standard fruit trees.

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Practical Solutions for Fruit Production Systems

Practice and research work hand in hand. The ‘Fruit-Production Extension’ Research Group is the practitioners’ gateway to all matters relating to fruit growing. The aim is to create new, practical measures for promoting quality; thereby focusing on cultivation systems, fruit thinning, weed control, mechanical mowing, fertiliser application, replant diseases, measures for combating physiological problems, and cross-system plant-protection issues.

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Plant Protection Service and Enforcement Diagnostics

The global trade in plant material can be responsible for the introduction of particularly dangerous harmful organisms – so-called quarantine organisms – as well as new, as- yet unknown harmful organisms. An ordinance implements the process for preventing these organisms from becoming established in Switzerland. Agroscope expertise and infrastructure coupled with the necessary laboratory capacity provide the basis for the enforcement tasks of the Federal Office for Agriculture.


BEVOG III - Part of the project:
Fire blight screening of fruit genetic resources
Leader: Romano Andreoli (Agroscope)
Third-party funds: NAP-PGREL/Fructus


HERAKLES Plus - Sustainable fire blight and Marssonina management in cider fruit production
Leader: Sarah Perren (Agroscope)
Third-party funds: CAVO-Foundation, IP-Suisse, Cantonal fruit offices AG, BE, LU, SG, TG, ZH

Completed Research Projects