Plant Protection Service and Enforcement Diagnostics

AP 2018-21 Pflanzenschutzdienst
Big picture: Training of plant passport controllers. Small picture on the bottom right : Fire blight symptoms on malus shoot with exudat.

The global trade in plant material may allow the introduction of particularly dangerous harmful organisms – so-called quarantine organisms or QOs – as well as new, unknown harmful organisms. QOs are regulated in the Plant Protection Ordinance and in the Ordinance on Temporary Plant Protection Measures to prevent them becoming established. Together with the necessary laboratory capacity, Agroscope expertise and infrastructure in the fields of bacteriology, entomology, mycology, nematology, phytoplasmology and virology provide the basis for the Federal Office of Agriculture’s enforcement tasks. Agroscope has set up a plant protection service that carries out enforcement tasks, provides enforcement tools, and serves as a vital interface between the FOAG, Agroscope experts, the research and diagnostic laboratory, and cantonal agencies.

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