For sensory evaluations, Agroscope has access to panels trained in specific food groups as well as standardised testing facilities at their Changins, Liebefeld, Posieux and Wädenswil sites.

Wine evaluation

Evaluation of cheeses and other dairy products, as well as honey

Evaluation of fresh meat and processed meat products

Evaluation of plant products

The Agroscope sites also have at their disposal a wide range of analytical equipment and methods that support and supplement the results of the sensory evaluations.

Sensorik Sensorikpanle pflanzliche Produkte
Sensory panel specifically trained and tested for plant products.
Sensorik Degustationskabinen Labor
Laboratory with 12 standardised sensory analysis booths, including FIZZ software.
Sensorik SmartNose DIMS
SMart Nose™ (DI-MS) system.
Sensorik Analytik pflanzliche Produkte
Conventional food analytics to support and supplement the results of the sensory analysis.


Further Information

Aromarad Apfel Symbolbild

The world's first flavour wheel for apples

How can the 1152 apple varieties in Switzerland be differentiated from each other? Often even connoisseurs are overwhelmed by this diversity. The Research Institute Agroscope has taken the requirements for differentiation of both industry and consumers seriously, and has developed the world's first aroma wheel for apples. This tool enables Swiss quality to be differentiated both at home and abroad using objective sensory quality criteria.