Research Projects

Indicate Biodiversität

Natural Resources Biodiversity

The project develops indicators for ecosystem services and biodiversity at plot and farm level, and incorporates these indicators into an overall concept for measuring sustainability. The focus of ecosystem services is on the regulation of harmful organisms and on spraying.


Indicate Nährstoffflüsse

Plot-Level Nutrient Flows

This project develops indicators to describe nutrient flows at plot, farm and regional level. The tool serves to simplify nutrient management and helps with the planning and documentation of targeted fertiliser application according to best practice.


Indicate Boden Drohne

Overview of Soil Status and Soil Management

The indicators of this project create a per-plot overview of the state of the soil and the management methods used. A comparison of the current metrics with location-related recommendations as well as with reference values of comparable farms is intended to highlight the potential for improvement.


Indicate Bodensensor

A Simple Way to Measure Soil Fertility

This project looks for quick, cost-effective and reliable methods for measuring soil fertility in situ, using portable VNIR spectroscopy.


Indicate Graslandwirtschaft

Grassland Ecosystem Services

This project is developing an indicator system for the environmental and economic assessment of ecosystem services such as erosion protection in grasslands. In addition, it aims to show how ecosystem services can be optimised at farm level by managing plots in different ways.


Indicate Hofdünger

Farmyard Manure Nutrient Management

This project is developing an indicator system for estimating quantities of farmyard manure and nutrient content from dairy farming. The model is intended to show how measures affect excretions and hence the available nutrients, in order to make efficient use of the latter.


Indicate Applikationen

Farm Management and Information Systems (FMIS)

This project aims to use existing FMIS to generate known and new indicators with a minimum of effort, collecting the data necessary for this as effortlessly as possible via smartphone, terminals, etc. directly on the farm and in the field.


Indacte Hof Familie

360 i – Holistic Evaluation System

The 360i project supplements the ecological indicators from the other projects with economic and social metrics and develops an evaluation system that takes into account the correlations between economic, social and ecological sustainability.



Integration of agri-environmental monitoring

This project investigates how well farm management information systems (FMIS) used on the Swiss Future Farm as well as the data and indicators from the other ‘Indicate’ projects lend themselves to agri-environmental monitoring.