Sustainable Control of Harmful Arthropods in Viticulture


As a consequence of global trade and climate change, the Swiss viticulture sector is increasingly confronted with new pests and pathogens. The aim of this project is to provide winegrowers with the necessary knowledge to face the new circumstances and respond appropriately and sustainably to new pests. In particular, the biology and control of newly emerging pests (e.g. Halyomorpha halys) are investigated, potential vectors of vine diseases (eg. Flavescence dorĂ©e) are studied, and alternative, more sustainable plant protection strategies are developed.

The knowledge acquired will be made available to the various client in a timely, needs-based manner. In this way, the project makes a significant contribution to achieving the aims of the National Action Plan.

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Sustainable Control of Harmful Arthropods in Viticulture

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Plant protection

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