Vine Breeding for a Sustainable Viticulture Sector


To identify, select and distribute clones (or selections ) of autochtonous varieties or of varieties traditionally cultivated in Switzerland that have agronomical and oenological characteristics of interest, whilst seeking to maintain a large intravarietal diversity.

To develop new red grape varieties (V. vinifera) that have little sensitivity to botrytis, are suitable for the conditions found in Swiss vineyards and will enable original, high quality wines to be produced.

To create new interspecific varieties (mainly red) that have a good level of resistance to fungal diseases (downy mildew, oïdium and botrytis) as well as a good oenological potential.

To conserve the original material and distribute the grape varieties and clones selected at Agroscope by the Swiss certification.

To test the agronomical and oenological features of new and traditional grape varieties (as well as their clones) that are potentially of benefit to Swiss vineyards.

To upkeep an ampelography reference collection, to maintain a basic knowledge of ampelography and to conserve the biodiversity of vines in Switzerland.

To study the agronomic, analytical and oenological influences of certain viruses, either individually or in interaction.

Project Information

Project Title:
Clone Breeding, Breeding of New Grape Varieties, Variety Maintenance and Production of Base Material for Certification, Variety Testing, Maintenance of Grape-Variety Collections, Ampelographic Studies

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