125 Years of Research in Wädenswil

The Agroscope Wädenswil site celebrated the 125th anniversary of its founding on 25 and 26 June in brilliant sunshine. This sunny mood was reflected in the faces of attendees from the scientific and farming communities and the general public, as well as current and retired staff. Standing out among the various in-house and external speakers was Hans Reiner Schultz, President of the University of Geisenheim. This German institute is Wädenswil’s mother institution, so to speak, having provided the first Director of Wädenswil, the Swiss vine-grower Hermann Müller-Thurgau. Müller-Thurgau’s personnel files, long considered missing, were handed over to the Board of Directors by Schultz. Presentation highlights were a science slam, a theatrical performance and a poster tour. May this successful occasion be the kick-off for a further successful 125 years and more! 

Ten Years’ Networked Research on Horses

One hundred twenty-seven presentations, 234 posters, and around 250 interested parties every year – the Swiss Equine Research Network celebrated its tenth anniversary in Avenches on 16 April 2015. Like every year, researchers, representatives from industry and organisations, students and interested parties from the equine sector met up for a lively exchange of knowledge and experience. Particular emphasis was placed on up-and-coming research talent, with the Network awarding prizes for the best presentations and posters from young scientists in each case.

20 Years of the Yeast Conference – a Service for Practitioners

In 1979 the first wine yeast was marketed worldwide as a dry yeast – a Wädenswil selection. In 1990 the wine industry could choose from over a hundred yeast varieties; nowadays the choice has risen worldwide to over three hundred varieties. Agroscope has been conducting yeast trials for twenty-five years now. Initially, it informed practitioners of its findings in writing. Since 1995 there has been an annual Yeast Conference, in which interested persons can sample the wines on the spot. The wines differ in organoleptic terms. Information on fermentation behaviour is also made available to practitioners. This successful event, at which numerous winemakers have discovered their ‘favourite yeast’, celebrated its twentieth anniversary in May 2015.