Less Fertiliser and Better Milk and Meat thanks to Sainfoin

Legumes can fix nitrogen directly from the air. This enables to save mineral fertilisers. Moreover, sainfoin contains tannins that improve the quality of milk and meat.

Editorial: Agriculture’s Balancing Act

Every day, Agroscope searches for ways to produce more food on the same surface area whilst protecting natural resources.

Science in Brief

Is Q-collect a collectors fair, and Agricultural Outlook a new software? Find out in the general survey of Agroscope highlights.


Flower Strips Reduce Pests

Biological pest control can contribute to the ecological intensification of agriculture. Flower strips support beneficials.

Unravelling Lactic Acid Bacteria

Lactic acid bacteria are important in the production of fermented foods such as bread, sauerkraut, yoghurt, cheese and wine. What can bacteria genes tell us about the benefits of bacteria?

Viticulture in the Face of Climate Change

Swiss viticulture is distinguished by a wide range of grape varieties. Climate change puts their adaptive capacity to the test.