Less Lead and Mercury in the Soil

The Swiss Soil Monitoring Network NABO records soil quality for the early detection of harmful developments. Analysis of the first five survey cycles from 1985 to 2009 shows that carbon content in the topsoil has on the whole remained stable. Whilst levels of the heavy metals lead and mercury have decreased, rising concentrations of zinc and copper on intensively managed grassland and several arable sites have been observed. Further increases should be avoided.

Less Greenhouse Gases thanks to Point System

Agroscope has studied the potential of 20 different measures to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions from agriculture. The effect of the measures is often dependent on a farm’s structure. For the assessment, it is essential to bear in mind the effects on the production of the whole farm. The 20 measures form the basis of the Climate Protection Point System, which is meant to help IP-SUISSE farmers lower their greenhouse-gas emissions in future.