SRF’s ‘Einstein’ Programme on Apple Breeding

Apfel Obstgarten Wädenswil

On Thursday evening, 26 October 2023, Swiss broadcaster SRF’s ‘Einstein’ programme was all about how new apple varieties arise and what role new breeding methods could play here. The programme will highlight the close cooperation in this field between Agroscope and ETH Zurich.

New apple varieties are meant to be robust to diseases and pests, to boast good cultivation and storage properties, and to produce high yields of excellent quality. Simone Bühlmann-Schütz from Agroscope and Giovanni Broggini from ETH Zurich provide an insight into current and future apple breeding in both the field and laboratory. The possible use of new breeding methods like CRISPR/Cas to shorten the breeding process is a main focus of the programme. Learn more on this subject in the SRF ‘Einstein’ programme.


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Obstzüchtung: Milwa - Diwa, Ladina, Marielle, Rustica, Elsa, Mia, CH201 - Fred

Fruit Breeding

Fruit breeding is focused on the development of new apple and apricot varieties.


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