Joël Bérard to Be President of the EAAP from 2024

Isabel Casasús (EAAP President), Joël Bérard, Veronika Maurer (President and Member of the SAAS Board), Andrea Rosati (EAAP Secretary General), Beat Bapst (Director and Member of the SAAS Board)

At its 74th Annual Meeting, the European Federation of Animal Science (EAAP) elected the Head of the ‘Animal Production Systems and Animal Health’ Research Division of Agroscope as its new President.

The EAAP (formerly the European Association for Animal Production) promotes research, discussion and dissemination of high-quality, relevant animal-science knowledge in the scientific and animal-husbandry sectors, in society, and in other interested circles. The organisation’s annual meeting is the most important livestock research event in Europe. Membership is open to people from the scientific, animal husbandry and administrative sectors.
The European Federation of Animal Science currently has 5300 individual members and 35 country members based in Europe and the Mediterranean region. The Chairman of the EAAP is elected every four years.

Since hosting the EAAP’s annual meeting in Davos in 2021, Switzerland has on numerous occasions shown itself to be a driving force in the Federation. The election of Joël Bérard is thus also a sign from the member countries of how they rely on the know-how of the Swiss scientific community.

Joël Bérard has been a Member of the Agroscope Executive Board and Head of the ‘Animal Production Systems and Animal Health’ Strategic Research Division since April 2020. Before his arrival at Agroscope, the Food Engineer with a degree from the University of Parma had been Head of Research at AgroVet-Strickhof since 2017.

Bérard sees his chairmanship of the EAAP as a further opportunity to promote networking in the science sector, thereby increasingly exploiting synergies. After all, he feels, good cooperation in research makes 1 + 1 add up to more than two. As Chairman of the EAAP he will convene and preside over the general meetings and the Council sessions and propose the agenda. The Chairman will lead the organisation in partnership with the General Secretary and the Council. He will be in frequent contact with the Secretariat to offer support, help with decision-making and guidance, even though the daily business will be conducted by the Secretariat. He takes part in the external responsibilities and management tasks of the organisation by joining e.g. the Board of Directors of the Animal Journal Consortium and Animal Frontiers.

Last modification 31.08.2023

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