The Right Varieties for Successful Baking


Agroscope researchers are investigating which grain varieties are best suited to backing Swiss Christmas cookies (Guetzli) or bread. The Swiss wheat variety ‘Dilago’ was specially bred for baking Guetzli.

Wheat flour is better suited to baking bread than spelt flour since wheat gluten has a firmer consistency than spelt gluten. Both grain varieties are equally suitable for baking Guetzli. The Swiss wheat variety ‘Dilago’ was specially bred for baking Guetzli and meets all requirements.

Laboratory testing of baking quality

Agroscope researchers are investigating how well-suited the different wheat or spelt varieties are for baking. Of greatest importance is the grain’s protein content: this must be high, and the proteins must be of a high quality. Sturdiness, stretchiness and elasticity are the physical properties aimed for in a dough. In addition, the dough should be able to withstand a certain kneading intensity over a specific period of time without losing quality.

Spelt – an ‘in’ grain

Agroscope is also researching into spelt, since this grain contains high amounts of mono- and polyunsaturated fatty acids, which have health benefits. Spelt is enjoying growing popularity, and the area devoted to its cultivation in Switzerland is rising steadily.



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Breeding for the quality of products

Breedin wheat for baking quality.
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