Swiss Food Week: Plant Foods in Focus

Swiss Food Week: pflanzliche Lebensmittel im Fokus

The Swiss Food Week (14–18 November) revolves around plant proteins. Agroscope will be using the event to survey consumers online about plant foods and to introduce the ‘HybPiKäs’ project.

What plant-protein projects are industry, agriculture and science working on, and where do the challenges lie? Run by the Swiss Academy of Engineering Sciences from 14–18 November, the Swiss Food Week focuses on these issues.

Hybrid product from cow’s milk and lupins

On 15 November Agroscope will be presenting the Food 4.0 project ‘HybPikäs’. The project is a preliminary study for a larger project proposal investigating the use of plant protein sources in combination with animal proteins in terms of technological feasibility, nutritional value, healthiness, sustainability and consumer acceptance. The aim of the project is to manufacture a hybrid product from cow’s milk and lupins based on cheesemaking technology, without the addition of additives.

Consumers’ views on plant protein sources

During the event, Agroscope will also be surveying consumers online regarding their consumption of plant foods.

Please take 10 minutes to fill in the questionnaire. You will be making a valuable contribution to research activities. Participants will be entered in a prize draw for shopping vouchers worth CHF 400.-

Last modification 14.11.2022

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